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Digital Health Online Summit

40+ leading healthcare experts will equip you with strategies and tactics, examples and guidelines for a successful healthcare transformation.

6 Day Online Event

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Healthcare industry will never be the same after COVID19. The Pandemic is playing a tremendous role in the health care transformation and digitalisation.

Digital Health Online Summit provides 40+ video-presentations which reveal a comprehensive overview of the current digital activities, innovations, strategies and actions to take towards successful transformation.

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It's time to get focused on HealthCare Transformation

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through content you just don't need, Digital Health Online Summit is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform your company, or catch them all. It’s up to you!

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6 days
43 speakers
10 categories

This Special Event is Focusing on Categories:

  • Market Overview and Current Activities in different organizations
  • Smart Care, Patient Centricity and Engagement
  • Transformation with VR/AR, Voice Tech, IoT, Wearables
  • Big Data, AI and Machine Learning
  • The digital mindset transformation
  • Patient staff engagement and culture change
  • Transform to survive – empowering the way we work
  • New Horizon, Innovation and Tomorrow’s Perspectives

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Meet Our Expert Speakers

We couldn't be more excited about our lineup. We have invited speakers from 4 continents (Australia, Asia, Europe and North America) and 25 countries!

Why Should I sign up for Digital Health Online Summit ?

From healthcare practitioners to healthcare practitioners with unique and timely insights about digital shift towards better health services.

No travel and logistics expenses, watch from any location on any device. Focus your time only on learning and applying the best Digital Health practices.

Minimum of theory and maximum of practice. Get new ideas from 40 video case studies and interviews, focusing on all aspects of health care transformation.

The free access to the Digital Health Online Summit is a time-limited offer, so grab yours now to not miss out.

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What You Will Learn

➤ Visions and Strategies for Virtual care services

➤ Current Challenges of Digitalization in Healthcare Industry

➤ Key components of a successful digital transformation strategy

➤ How to keep the conversation open with HCPs while they are not available (COVID-19 crisis time)

➤ Frontline digital healthcare strategy - from business as usual to crisis management

➤ Digital when possible - physical when needed

➤ Personalised, digitally-supported, out- of-hospital care: A patient case study

➤Digital Therapeutics: Just Like a pill?

➤ Innovation in times of a global crisis


➤ How to combine personal choice with evidence-based health & wellbeing interventions

➤ Transforming Medicine with VR/AR

➤ The promise of voice Technology in healthcare

➤ The wonders of Artificial Intelligence

➤ Dual Power of AI & Blockchain in Precision Medicine

➤ Data driven decision making in the Healthcare

➤ Maximize your data assets – find new insights and create more credible evidence

➤ Patient staff engagement and culture change

➤ Reconstructing a Humanity within Medicine

➤ Machine Learning implementation in Healthcare


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